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The vision and objectives of the NPP 2007-2013 translate into two programme priorities, which have been developed in response to the distinct characteristics of the programme area and take into account the Lisbon and Gothenburg Agendas.  More about the NPP vision...

Each project that applies for funding must address one of the priorities for transnational cooperation.

NPP 2007-2013 Priorities

  1. Promoting innovation and competitiveness in remote and peripheral areas
    1. Innovation, networks and competitiveness
    2. Accessibility
  2. Sustainable development of natural and community resources
    1. Environment as an asset in the periphery
    2. Urban-rural development and promotion of heritage

There is a third priority related to programme management; Technical Assistance.

Each of the 2 priorities contains two main objectives. To assist with project development, a list of broad themes and some potential project ideas are listed. The list of project ideas is only indicative. Click on the individual objectives to find more information.

Further information about the rationale and justification for the priorities can be found in Chapter 6 of the Operational Programme.

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