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On this page you can learn about the main concepts used by the NPP 2007-2013. 

Overview NPP Concepts

NPP Concepts 

Core Concepts

The NPP 2007-2013 has the following two core concepts:

  1. Added Value
  2. Transnationality

Project applications will only be considered as eligible if they incorporate the core concepts in accordance with the definition of the NPP 2007-2013.

1. Added Value

Each project must make a distinctive contribution and add value by developing concrete, tangible and innovative new products or services. Projects must describe the functionality of the product or service and its future viability after the funding ends.

As a consequence of the focus on added value, pure research projects are not considered to be in line with the objectives of the Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013.

  Methods of added value...


2. Transnationality

The NPP wants to ensure transnationality at all stages of project development and implementation. The partnership should be balanced.

Mininum requirements:

  • 3 partners from 3 different programme partner countries; partnerships of a cross-border nature are not allowed
  • 1 partner must be from an EU Member State

 Projects must address at least 3 of the 4 transnationality criteria...


Triple Helix Partnerships

Cooperative actions and partnerships between representatives from industry, university and government are considered key to securing innovative solutions to many of the issues facing the Northern Periphery area.

Triple helix partnerships are encouraged when appropriate.

Strategic Concepts

Strategic projects make a strategic contribution towards achieving the objectives and vision of the programme.


  • Innovative outputs of relevance to whole programme area with a focus on peripheral regions
  • Beneficial impact in terms of a physical product or social capital and expertise
  • Involves cooperation at transnational, national, regional and local level to inform policy development

Strategic themes will be identified for by the Monitoring Committee. Specific calls will be held for strategic projects.


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