Programme Info
Programme Bodies

The programme is managed and supported by a series of different bodies that are responsible for administering the programme and assisting projects.

Main Contact Bodies

Programme Secretariat
The Northern Periphery Programme Secretariat (Secretariat) carries out the day-to-day operational administration of the programme. It consists of a small team based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It actively encourages applicants to consult and involve the Secretariat in the development of their projects. The Secretariat works in close cooperation with the Regional Contact Points. Contact details...

Regional Contact Points
The Northern Periphery Programme covers a large geographical area and each of the participating partner countries has a Regional Contact Point (RCP), which is a local source of advice and information on the programme. 

The RCPs work in close cooperation with the Northern Periphery Secretariat and have expertise and knowledge on how to develop and manage a transnational project. They also hold programme events throughout the year, so are definitely worth consulting for project applicants. Contact details...

Other Bodies 

Managing Authority (MA)
The MA is the body formally responsible for managing the programme on behalf of the participating partner countries. It is the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten based in Umeå, Sweden. The MA issues the Grant Offer Letters and signs the contracts on behalf of the programme. The MA also plays an important role in the financial claim process for project partners, where the MA must make sure that all project expenditure has been adequately checked and validated by the financial controllers before it can be authorised for payment by the Certifying Authority. Contact details...

Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC)
The PMC is in charge of supervising the programme and its overall task is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the programme's implementation. The PMC is also responsible for the assessment and approval of project applications. Each country involved in the programme is represented on the committee and decisions are made by consensus. Contact details...

Programme Management Group (PMG)
A Programme Management Group has been set up to support and assist the PMC, the MA and CA and the Programme Secretariat in carrying out their tasks, especially those relating to the administration of ERDF funds. It also facilitates contacts and the flow of information between programme partners. Contact details...

Regional Advisory Groups (RAGs)
RAGs have been established in each programme partner country. These groups have an advisory role in the assessment procedure for project applications. RAGs consider the suitability and priority of project applications from a regional perspective. Their input helps form the basis of the  Secretariat’s decision proposal to the PMC before it takes a final decision on the project application. The members of the RAGs have different fields of expertise upon which they base their recommendations. Contact details...

Certifying Authority (CA)
The Certifying Authority is the body that actually handles the transfer of payments to projects and makes the claim to the European Commission. It is the Economy Unit of the County Administrative Board of Västerbotten in Umeå, Sweden. Contact details...

Audit Authority (AA)
The Audit Authority is responsible for sample checks of projects to ensure compliance with the necessary rules and regulations. It is the Swedish National Financial Management Authority (Ekonomistyrningsverket). Contact details...

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