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The Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 builds on the successes of the previous INTERREG IIIB Northern Periphery Programme, which ran during the period 2000-2006. The programme and its projects are currently in the process of being finalised. The Final Implementation Report is expected to be finished in the spring of 2009.

Programme Area
The IIIB programme area was different from the area under the new programme. The participating countries were Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden. For the new programme period 2007-2013, the area has been extended with Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, additional regions in Scotland and Norway. However, the Swedish area was reduced.

The IIIB NPP funded 47 main projects. The total programme budget including national co-financing was €55,627,531, of which the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributed €22.6 Million, Norway €5.5 Million, Iceland €1.57 Million, the Faroe Islands €375,000 and Greenland €378,000.

Bridge to the new programme
In December 2006, the programme held a special application round for preparatory projects with the intention to develop a main application for the Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013. 15 new preparatory projects were approved, of which many ended up applying during the first call for applications in the new programme period.

For more information about the INTERREG IIIB Northern Periphery Programme and its projects, please visit the IIIB programme website You can also click on the button in the bottom right corner.

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