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Priority 2: Objective ii.

Priority 2: Sustainable development of natural and community resources

ii. Urban-rural development and promotion of heritage

Objective: To improve sustainable development in peripheral regions by strengthening urban-rural relations and enhancing regional heritage.

Broad themes

  • urban-rural partnerships for new service solutions
  • innovative provision of existing and new services in the periphery
  • private, public and voluntary sectors cooperation and networks to develop new and innovative service solutions for remote and peripheral regions
  • promotion of natural and cultural heritage that supports the development of sustainable industries

Potential project ideas

  • Development of combined or “bundled” mobile rural services through transnational networks that involve the private, public and voluntary sectors in developing new service solutions for peripheral and sparsely populated areas.
  • Triple helix collaboration - bringing together of national health service executives, private medical firms and medical research staff - to take advantage of potential economies of scale and to implement measures aimed at increasing efficiency of heath care delivery to rural and peripheral regions.
  • Establishment of urban-rural partnerships to develop new service solutions for the benefit of peripheral areas, for example through the use of innovative technologies that facilitate the participation of specialists and experts from urban areas remotely.
  • Development and testing of new public-private service models that address the demographic challenges of the programme area, particularly the high proportion of elderly people in sparsely populated and rural areas.
  • Pilot projects to develop joint new approaches and innovative actions to facilitate the promotion of indigenous languages and cultures amongst young people.
  • Promotion of sustainable tourism actions that enable tourism to help maintain, or even revive the unique cultural and natural heritage of the area.
  • Development of cultural heritage in the area through innovative actions to stimulate the creative industries of film, music etc, especially through the use of advanced ICT.

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