New Focused Call for Preparatory Projects

At its most recent meeting the PMC decided to continue a focused call for preparatory projects from 1st of July 2009. The focus of the call has been widened to 9 themes.

The implementation of the Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 is well underway. The PMC decided at its most recent meeting decided to continue a focused call for preparatory projects from 1st July 2009.

The PMC has identified a number of themes that it would like to be further addressed and wishes preparatory project applicants to apply. The Programme Secretariat has been tasked with the responsible to only assess and approve preparatory projects dealing with identified project themes listed below.

Themes to be addressed:

  • In Priority 1, in the Objective ”To promote competitiveness by increasing and developing the capacity for innovation a nd networking in rural and peripheral areas” the two themes:

    i) exchange of best practise and establishment of cooperation networks between R&D institution and SMEs to increase the capacity for innovation, facilitate the design of innovation systems and strengthen competitiveness

    ii) cooperation and exchange of best practice between SMEs on how to address and reach markets with existing and new products


  • In Priority 1, in the Objective ” To facilitate development through the use of advanced information and communication technologies and transportation in the programme area” the four themes:

    i) increased use of ICT to overcome distance

    iii) developing innovative product and service solutions for developing and maintaining transport infrastructure with regard to roads, railways, airports and ports under harsh climatic conditions

    iv) development of transport schemes that benefit rural communities, such as new maritime routes

    v) maritime safety in relation to remote areas with arctic, harsh conditions.


  • In Priority 2,  in the Objective ” To improve sustainable development in peripheral regions by strengthening urban-rural relations and enhancing regional heritage” the three theme:

    i) urban-rural partnerships for new service solutions

    iii) private, public and voluntary sectors cooperation and networks to develop new and innovative service solutions for remote and peripheral regions

    iv) promotion of natural and cultural heritage that supports the development of sustainable industries

You can find the same information in the Focused Call Announcement. The application form and guidance can be downloaded from the Focused Call Page.


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