MyHealth@Age - Improved Health, Safety and Well being for Elderly People living in Northern Periphery regions 1.10
Many elderly people feel unsafe outside their homes which limits their social contacts and physical activities. MyHealth@Age aims to provide products and services making it possible for elderly people to feel safer and live a more active and healthy life. Healthcare and Welfare organizations (HWO) have problems to provide good medical and welfare ... More...
Aim & Objectives:
The project will create a new modular product platform that makes it possible to provide safety-, prescribed self treatment- and social network applications to elderly people based on each individuals specific needs and circumstances. Already during the project, several new applications will be developed, evaluated and enhanced. Examples are fall... More...
Expected Outcomes:
The project will develop three products: a. Mobile safety alarm with wirelessly connected fall sensor. That includes functionality for elderly end-users, alarm centre staff and welfare assistance staff. b. Prescribed Healthcare that support own diagnose measurements, medication support and secure messaging between patients and healthcare staff. ... More...
Reported Outcomes:
The project has so far specified the requirements and developed a prototype in close co-operation between elderly people, healthcare and welfare staff, ICT companies and reserachers. The products have been developed. Education/training has started as well as field trial usage. At the Swedish trial site, daily life usage has started with Prescribed... More...
Priority: 2. Sustainable development of natural and community resources
Objective: ii. Urban-rural development and promotion of heritage
Theme: Emergency, natural disasters, risk prevention, health

Total Budget: € 1 527 678
Total Funding Request: € 891 993

Start Date: 01/01/2008
End Date: 31/12/2010

Desk Officer Christopher Parker

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