Sustainable Aquaculture of Arctic Charr 2.12
Arctic charr is a highly valued fish species in the Northern territory and in the Alps “Alpenlax” with a red delicious flesh and beautiful appearance. Arctic charr farming is still a small industry but with a potential to grow and to develop a unique high quality product from the north. Farming this species requires access to cold fres... More...
Aim & Objectives:
This project aims to increase the production of farmed Arctic charr in the Northern periphery area. by identifying production potential and bottle-necks in different regions and with different technologies (WP2). The present situation for charr farming in the area is analyzed to identify production potential and bottlenecks in different regions... More...
Expected Outcomes:
A tested and documented best practice for triple helix networks in charr farming. An increase of the number of new companies by at least 4 with a total annual production of at least 1000 tonnes within the next 5 years. Existing companies will increase their production from about 3000 tonnes to 6000 tonnes within 5 years. Increased local and regi... More...
Reported Outcomes:
Bottlenecks: The main bottlenecks for Arctic charr farmers in their present situation as well as hindrances for increasing the production or starting new farms are: General: -The complicated and expensive application process to start new farms or increase the production limit. (Sweden). -The limitation of permits to farm in fresh water and use ... More...
Priority: 1. Promoting innovation and competitiveness in remote and peripheral areas
Objective: i. Innovation, networks and competitiveness
Theme: Aquaculture

Total Budget: € 1 132 792
Total Funding Request: € 478 683

Start Date: 01/06/2008
End Date: 30/09/2011

Desk Officer Kirsti Mijnhijmer
Lead Partner
SLU, Sweden
Mrs. Eva Brännäs
+46 907868295


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