Rural Transport Solutions 4.5
The overall aim of this project is to develop innovative and sustainable rural and coastal transport schemes and services reducing social exclusion and enhancing the vitality and sustainability of sparsely populated areas in Northern Periphery. The rationale of this project is also that community paid or subsidised public transports are a considera... More...
Aim & Objectives:
Long distances, sparse population and financial challenges. These issues are at the core of the Rural Transport Solutions project (RTS). Through the RTS project our mission is to better our means to move, live and work in rural and coastal areas of Europe. The RTS project is attempting to find new ways of combining tax paid or subsidized public tr... More...
Expected Outcomes:
Overall Project aim is to develop New Transport Solutions Action Model for NPP area and for regions which have similar challenges with sparse population, coastal conditions, ageing and public services. RTS actions are targeted especially for citizens living in rural and coastal areas. Successfully implemented RTS actions will benefit work commuting... More...
Reported Outcomes:
Survey and Description processes concerning public transport legislation, financing, existing services, peoples’ needs and best practices are underway in every project region. National/Regional transport system legislation and financing surveys are in production and will be completed early spring 2010. Survey of regions existing rural and... More...
Priority: 1. Promoting innovation and competitiveness in remote and peripheral areas
Objective: ii. Accessibility
Theme: Transport, logistics, infrastructure

Total Budget: € 1 803 260
Total Funding Request: € 1 050 200

Start Date: 01/09/2009
End Date: 31/08/2012

Desk Officer Michela Gaifami

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