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Priority 1: Objective i.

Priority 1: Promoting innovation and competitiveness in remote and peripheral areas

i. Innovation, networks and competitiveness

Objective: To promote competitiveness by increasing and developing the capacity for innovation and networking in rural and peripheral areas

Broad themes

  • exchange of best practise and establishment of cooperation networks between R&D institutions and SMEs to increase the capacity for innovation, facilitate the design of innovation systems and strengthen competitiveness
  • transnational cooperation networks and knowledge transfer to develop existing and new innovative products
  • cooperation and exchange of best practice between SMEs on how to address and reach markets with existing and new products

Potential project ideas

  • Benchmarking of innovation and SME support networks in remote and rural areas, and promotion of successful systems for the development of new support methods, models and transboundary products.
  • Collaboration between the research, public and private sectors to support the development of cold climate facilities and techniques, in order to produce innovative products and services in a high tech environment.
  • Transnational collaboration and knowledge exchange between SMEs in the periphery to develop marketing strategies and target new export markets by clustering to increase their products’ export and market potential.
  • Improvement to the provision of services to micro and small firms to engage more with research centres and to develop stronger linkages with the public sector.
  • Knowledge exchange between research institutes and the private sector to develop innovative ‘green’ transboundary products in forestry and aquaculture, for example.
  • Knowledge transfer across sectors to develop innovative solutions for adding value at source to indigenous products and methods, particularly natural resources and construction.
  • Networking between enterprise centres and business incubation centres in rural and peripheral areas to design systems that increase technology transfer and the development of innovative products and services.
  • Promotion of an innovative and entrepreneurial culture across the Northern Periphery by preparing and adapting educational and training systems.

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