The list of First Level Controllers for Greenland has been updated. Ms Johanne Zethsen is replacing the 3 First Level Controllers previously listed.


The Managing Authority has prepared an overview of reporting periods for main project progress reports and final reports. The overview outlines when reports are due for the years 2012-2014. The overview also includes recommended deadlines for projects to send their Statements of Expenditures to the First Level Controller.


The Ninth Call and Strategic Project Call closed on 2nd May 2012. By the deadline, the Programme Secretariat received a total of 3 main project applications and 3 strategic project applications.


The deadline for the Ninth Call and Strategic Project Call is next week, 2nd of May. Many applicants are contacting the Programme Secretariat with practical questions. Here we try to answer the most common questions.


On 16th April, the Programme Management Group (PMG) met in Copenhagen. This meeting was organised as a back-to-back meeting with the first Task Force Meeting on 17th April, which kicked off the programming process for the next period 2014-2020.

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