As part of the activities for the current Strategic Project Call, the Programme Secretariat published 3 strategic project ideas under development in the autumn of 2011 to ensure strong transparency and openness and to facilitate a wide participation in the potential projects.


In connection to the How to Apply Seminar in Copenhagen, the Programme Secretariat is organising individual project development clinics on 28th February 2012. The Programme Secretariat has extended this opportunity to include main project applicants targeting the 9th Call. 


The Programme Secretariat is organising a How to Apply seminar on 29th February in connection to the Ninth Call and Strategic Project Call, which are currently open.


Today, Kate Stephen, project manager of the NPP project “Older people for older people” (O4O) from Scotland and project partner Rosemarie Elsner from Greenland presented their project to the RegioStars 2012 Jury in Brussels. The O4O project is one of the finalists selected in the category “Inclusive Growth: Strategies, initiatives or projects addressing the challenge of demographic change and supporting active ageing”.


The Regional Contact Points, the Regional Advisory Group Chairs and the Programme Secretariat met on 10th January in Copenhagen.

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