Our Life as Elderly II winner of RegioStars 2011 Photo Competition

The NPP project Our Life as Elderly II has won the RegioStars 2011 Award in the category "Promotional photo of a co-funded project" with their picture "Age makes no difference". The RegioStars Awards are the most prestigious award any EU project can receive.

Mr. Niclas Forsling, Head of the NPP Secretariat, received the award on behalf of the project at the award ceremony during the Regions for Economic Change conference on 23rd June in Brussels. The awards were handed out in the presence of the Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn. 

For the first time it was possible for the public to vote for the nominated pictures in an online photo competition in addition to the jury's pre-selection. More than 3000 people participated in this online vote. More about the RegioStars Awards

The Our Life as Elderly II project, led by the Municipality of Luleå in Sweden, aims to prepare municipalities in the northern peripheral regions of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands, to better cope with the challenges of an aging population. The project has underlined the need for improved services and care for the elderly as an important element to keep the elderly in the peripheral regions of the North and to help them lead an active and independent life for as long as possible. The project's trademark is using pictures to shed a different light on the image of elderly people. Our Life as Elderly II project website

Mr. Niclas Forsling, Head of the NPP Secretariat, is happy that the European Commission has highlighted the importance of good communication and also dedicated a prestigious award to this topic. According to Mr. Forsling, Our life as Elderly II is a best practice example when it comes to communication and this is the finest award a project can receive to prove their strong achievements within information and communication. In addition, the project has strong tangible outputs which are implemented within the participating regions and these outputs are evidence of a viable partnership and a strong transnational collaboration.

The Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 congratulates the project!

Another NPP project reached the RegioStars 2011 Awards finals, the Northern Creative Youth (NoCry) project in the category "Anticipating economic change". NoCry project website


Winning Picture: Age makes no difference

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