Frequently Asked Questions about the 9th Call & Strategic Project Call

The deadline for the Ninth Call and Strategic Project Call is next week, 2nd of May. Many applicants are contacting the Programme Secretariat with practical questions. Here we try to answer the most common questions.



Q: Does the hard copy need to be at the NPP Secretariat on the deadline, 2nd of May?

A: No, the hard copy needs to have a poststamp no later than 2nd of May. Normally, this means that it arrives 2-3 working days after the deadline. Please make sure that your envelope is stamped!

Q: When do I need to send the electronic copy?

A: The electronic copy should be received at the latest on 2nd of May to Please make sure that:

  • The electronic application form Parts 1-3 are identical to the hard copy
  • The forms are in Word and Excel and do not exceed 3MB. Please do not scan signatures into the electronic forms because they will become too big!

Q: I am still waiting for signed match funding commitments and budget forms from my partners. What should I do?

A: As explained in the Application Instructions, it is allowed to replace original signed documents with signed copies, scans or faxes in the hard copy, as proof that the original blue ink signed documents exist. You can send the originals later in agreement with your desk officer at the Programme Secretariat.

Q: Do I need to submit a partnership agreement together with the application?

A: No, you do not need to have a partnership agreement in place yet. It is not needed until after approval of a project when the Managing Authority issues a Grant Offer Letter. But if you wish, you can attach a draft partnership agreement as an appendix to the application for our information. You can find a template in the application pack.

Q: When can I expect to hear something from the NPP?

A: All applicants will receive a notice that their application has been received in good order. Next, all applications will be assessed on their admissibility. If an application does not pass the admissibility check, the Lead Partner will be contacted directly.

Once an application is admissible, it will enter the technical and eligibility assessment procedure involving both the Programme Secretariat and Regional Advisory Groups in all 9 programme partner countries. It is likely that you will not hear much from the programme during this period. All eligible applications together with a decision proposal will be presented to the Programme Monitoring Committee on 4th September 2012.

As soon as possible after the meeting, the Programme Secretariat will informally let the Lead Partner know if the project has been approved or not. Project decisions are not official until the minutes from the meeting are approved by the Chair. In case of conditional approval, projects will be informed of the PMC conditions and how to respond to these conditions within the given time period (normally one month). A formal decision will be issued by the Managing Authority.

Other useful tips from the Programme Secretariat

  • Make sure you use the most recent version of the application pack. The application form is updated before each call. 

  • Remember that we can only base our assessment on the written word. So please include all information relevant for approval in the application form. Also, please keep the reader(s) in mind and use plain English that is understandable for non-experts. 

  • Double check that all supporting documents are in place, especially match funding commitments and budget breakdown forms. Only complete applications submitted by the deadline and containing all signed documents will be accepted by the Northern Periphery Secretariat. 

  • For more do's and don'ts, have a look at the PowerPoint presentations from the How to Apply Seminar recently held in Copenhagen (click on the tab "Documents" for the presentations).

Please feel free to contact the Programme Secretariat and the Regional Contact Points for further advice and assistance on preparing a project proposal.

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