Preparatory Project Call 2013 - Russian and Canadian partners participation

The Northern Periphery Programme welcomes project partners from adjacent areas of Russia and Canada to join in preparatory projects applications.

At the last meeting of the Programme Planning Group, it was agreed that Preparatory projects may include partners from the adjacent regions of Russia (Murmansk, Karelia and Arkhangelsk), and the adjacent regions of Canada (Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia).

To assist project partners from adjacent regions of Russia and Canada, expenditures incurred  may be allocated from the 10% source for Non Member State partners. (Any such costs incurred must be kept separate and paid through the Lead Partner’s accounting system).

Please check the Preparatory Project Call page for updates in the Requirements and Funding section.

A new Announcement and Application form are now available and includes an updated project financing plan.

For additional information and questions please contact:- christopher.parker@northernperiphery@eu.

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