Public Consultation SEA now closed

As part of the preparations for the new programme, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was carried out to evaluate the potential environmental impact of the upcoming Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020. The public consultation of the SEA Report was held between 13th January and 28th February, and is now closed. 


The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is an important tool for integrating environmental considerations into the preparation and adoption of programmes with a view to promoting sustainable development. The SEA Report can be found on the SEA consultation page on the programme website.

Next steps
Comments to the SEA report will be presented to the Programme Monitoring Committee 2020 meeting on 28th March, when the final draft Operational Programme is expected to be adopted. In addition, the comments will be taken into consideration for the final draft SEA report to be submitted to the European Commission together with the OP.

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