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Outcomes Programme Management Group meeting and Task Force meeting
17th April 2012


On 16th April, the Programme Management Group (PMG) met in Copenhagen. This meeting was organised as a back-to-back meeting with the first Task Force Meeting on 17th April, which kicked off the programming process for the next period 2014-2020.

Among the main topics discussed at the PMG meeting was the draft Annual Report for 2011, which will be submitted to the European Commission in June after approval by the Programme Monitoring Committee by Written Procedure. In this context, the PMG was pleased with the annual examination letter for 2011 sent by the European Commission, which included much positive feedback about the implementation of the programme.

In addition, the meeting was dedicated to the ongoing evaluation exercise being carried out by the European Policies Research Centre, which aims to position the NPP for the next programme period taking into account different existing and emerging strategies and policies, and to identify future themes and priorities. A video conference was held with the evaluators. The final evaluation report will be presented to the Programme Monitoring Committee in September.

The Programme Management Group consists of the national representatives from the 9 programme partner countries and is also attended by the Programme Secretariat, the Managing Authority and the European Commission Desk Officer as an observer. The PMG normally meets twice a year and makes decisions on programme management issues, including the programme budget.

Task Force Meeting
The Task Force meeting on 17th April was the first meeting dedicated to the programming process for the new programme period 2014-2020. The meeting consisted of the PMG members.

Among the topics discussed at the meeting were the draft regulatory framework and the structure of the programming work.

In addition, the meeting was attended by representatives from the European Commission who presented 3 different strategies: the Atlantic Strategy, the emerging Arctic Strategy and the North-West Russian Strategy.

The NPP demonstrates excellence in terms of the efficiency that is required to achieve a high quality implementation and visibility with decision makers despite the fact that the NPP is the smallest of the 13 transnational programmes with the largest cooperation area.

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