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First Announcement -
NPP Annual Conference 2012
2nd July 2012


The NPP Annual Conference 2012 will take place on 15th November 2012, starting with a welcome reception on the evening of the 14th November, in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It is organised as a back-to-back event with the Lead Partner seminar on 14th November. The conference is entitled "Transformation Forum: Creating a Vibrant Northern Periphery".

What is the conference about?

This forward-looking conference is an opportunity to help you visualize the future of the programme area beyond 2013, provide you with insights and help you start thinking about ideas within potential future cooperation fields. The conference will show that the NPP area is in transformation from an area of peripherality to an area in focus.

But for the spotlight to shine even brighter on the NPP area, the NPP needs to continue to challenge barriers; culturally, geographically and mentally. Opportunities come with attitude change.

Since the programme start in 2007 to date, a new strategic landscape has emerged, including the NORA Strategy, the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy, the Atlantic Strategy, a number of national Arctic strategies and the emerging EU Arctic Policy.

Northern Ireland is a positive example of societal transformation, and can lead the way for other parts of the NPP area experiencing the societal impact of a changing social and environmental landscape, especially since the NPP has a tradition of project implementation affecting people’s daily life.

The conference aims to present a vision of a vibrant programme area, in transformation.

  • By presenting a vision and creating a feeling of how future cooperation can turn the view of peripherality on its head, and think of the Programme area with all its opportunities as the ‘top of the world’ and best placed to deliver innovative growth, a competitive economy, whilst remaining a peoples programme, utilising its heritage (foundation for new programme).
  • By showing how the NPP is transforming from an area of peripherality to an area of focus, supported through a trajectory of change. The programme area now receives global attention, via a transforming social and environmental landscape, making natural resources more accessible and opening up for new export opportunities.
  • By showcasing excellent examples of how to take advantage of the unique opportunities, essentially showing transformation in action (through NPP projects), supported through the cross cutting themes of entrepreneurship, creativity, investments in accessibility (e.g. the ‘digital economy’).
  • By involving young people to help go beyond conventional thinking
  • By starting fresh thinking about project ideas and more risky project idea investments
  • By demonstrating Northern Ireland’s strong participation in the NPP. Revisiting Derry/Londonderry, which hosted the first NPP 2007-2013 event back in 2007. 
Who is it for?

The main target group for this event is local and regional development agencies and representatives from public sector organisations dealing with transformation as part of regional development. Representatives of associations for the cross cutting themes of entrepreneurship, creativity, investments in accessibility (e.g. the ‘digital economy’), and existing and potential future NPP project partners. Politicians are also most welcome to participate.

In addition, young entrepreneurs and young representatives from public authorities and companies are especially welcome to attend.

To Participate

A formal announcement followed by an invitation with an agenda and a registration form will be available by mid-September. If this first announcement has not been sent to you directly by an NPP distribution list and if you want to make sure that you will receive an invitation, please express your interest in the event by writing an e-mail to

You can also use this e-mail address if you have any other questions about the event. We also advise you to keep an eye on the programme website for further details,


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