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CoSafe project nominated as RegioStars 2013 Finalist
8th August 2012


CoSafe logoThe CoSafe project (Cooperation for Safety in sparsely populated areas) has been selected as a RegioStars 2013 finalist in the "INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION: Promoting EU Regional policy with short videos" category.

RegioStars Awards is a competition to select the best regional development projects funded by the European Union. The aim of RegioStars, the Award for Innovative Projects, is to identify good practices in regional development and to highlight original, and innovative projects that could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.

The CoSafe project was designed to increase preparedness for major accidents and other extreme situations in sparsely populated remote areas, with poor transportation infrastructure, limited telecommunications, and extreme weather conditions. The project focused on the survival and well-being of victims/patients through effective on site pre-hospital care all the way from the scene of the accident to the hospital.

CoSafe was led by the Emergency and Disaster Medical Centre (AKMC) in Umeå, Sweden. Other project partners were located in Iceland, Finland and Scotland.

Part of the CoSafe legacy is a catalogue describing specific products and services to use, develop and research for rescue operations in sparsely populated areas under extreme conditions. In addition, the project has produced two booklets: " Preparing for Major Incidents in Sparsely Populated Areas" and "Casualties and Rescue Workers in the Cold", both available online. Videos an other resources are available on the project website,

The CoSafe video, which resulted in the project's RegioStars nomination, presents an overview of the project, and provides good illustrations of some of the products and services delivered. An example is the innovative use of geographic information systems for planning disaster preparedness for easy and rapid access to equipment and other resources during an incident. The video illustrates how the volcanic eruption on Iceland in March 2010 demonstrated the importance of the CoSafe network, a transnational network of people working with managing major incidents and disasters in the Northern Periphery.

Reacting to CoSafe's nomination, Project Manager Jim Johansson said: "Bringing together and networking experts in disaster management from Iceland, Finland, Scotland and Sweden enabled CoSafe to pioneer development of innovative products and services which boost safety in the isolated and sparsely populated areas of Northern Europe. A Regiostar Award will broadcast the CoSafe legacy to a much larger audience."

RegioStars 2013 finalists will present their bid to the Jury during the OPEN DAYS 2012 in October. The winners will be announced at an award ceremony during the Regions for Economic Change Conference on 7th February 2013 in Brussels.



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