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Niclas Forsling moves on from the NPP
16th October 2012


Niclas ForslingNiclas Forsling ended his position as Head of Secretariat at the end of September 2012. However, for a transition period Niclas will stay involved in the programming process. Please find below some words of appreciation from Niclas. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

“Dear friends,

After 9.5 years at the Northern Periphery Programme, I have decided to continue my development with my own company, Competencor. It has not been an easy decision, especially since working in a multicultural setting provides a continuous learning curve and the potential of transnational cooperation is endless. When I look back on this period in the future, I will certainly cherish this period as an excellent time of my life and I know that I have been taught so many invaluable skills by colleagues, customers and contacts. However, all my achieved skills are all thanks to you, especially my colleagues and previous colleagues at the Secretariat, our Managing Authority with whom I have now collaborated for more than 12 years, the Management Group and the Monitoring Committee, who have trusted the Secretariat to accomplish sometimes greatness but also accepted mistakes without losing its trust for us.

I have also seen projects performing miracles (making wonders), and being from the programme area, I know the important role international collaboration has for the people within the area. I can see how professionals within the area are growing, how specialists become experts and how self-esteem and self-confidence from the collaboration is spreading like rings in the water. This is all helping companies, communities, organisations and universities to become better and improving the quality of life in the northern part of Europe.

In general, I believe that the results of the Northern Periphery Programme speak for themselves, and it is an honour that I have been allowed to be part of this journey. But as a wise person once said “If you want something else, then you have to position yourself so your dreams have a chance to come true”. I have made my next move and I will work hard so my visions will come true.

I wish you all the best in the future and I am happy that I have met so many people that I admire and you will hear from me again. I will end this with a simple thank you to ALL of you, and I can honestly say that never in my life has a thank you felt more appropriate and justified.

Thank you!

Niclas Forsling”

Contact details for Niclas Forsling can be provided by the Secretariat.

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