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Strathpeffer Pavilion
Cool North - NPP Programme Closure & NPA Programme Launch Conference

30th September – 1st October | Strathpeffer, Scotland

What did we achieve? 

The conference will celebrate the achievements of the Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 as a foundation for the upcoming programme to build on and take further. A new publication will be launched that discusses the (intended and unintended) outcomes of the NPP 2007-2013 and their meaning for stakeholders as well as lessons learnt. 

Where do we go?

The conference will also introduce the upcoming Northern Periphery and Arctic 2014-2020 Programme and spark new ideas about where the Programme area could go next. More concretely, the First Call for Applications will be (pre)announced at this conference. Day 2 of the conference will consist of a How to Apply seminar aimed at providing technical guidance to project applicants.  

The Cool North

The overall message of this conference is that the Programme area is “cool”. Not only because of its cold climate, but also for being smart about tackling existing and new challenges and realising opportunities. The Programme area is receiving increasing attention. This is where new possibilities are created, where innovative ideas are born, where we turn things upside-down, and think outside of the box.

About the venue

The conference will be held at the Strathpeffer Pavilion, an historic Victorian spa resort located in Strathpeffer, a beautiful village some 20 miles outside Inverness. Hotel accommodation is located in the direct vicinity of the pavilion.

How to join?

The conference welcomes everyone who has been directly or indirectly involved in the NPP 2007-2013 and those interested in the NPA 2014-2020. Registration is expected to open in June. If you wish to receive an invitation, please use this form to express your interest:

A dedicated conference website with practical information will be online soon.

Preliminary Agenda

Monday 29th September

Afternoon activities for early arrivals 
18:00 Informal welcome reception with food

Tuesday 30th September – main conference day

09:00 Welcome

NPP 2007-2013, results and perspectives

This session evaluates the achievements of the NPP 2007-2013, through the presentation of a report about project outcomes, project testimonials, and a facilitated discussion with the audience. 

Looking forward

This session looks forward to the new programme period 2014-2020. It gives a picture of developments in different themes, e.g. innovation and SMEs, and how the Programme can make an impact. This session also introduces the NPA 2014-2020 and launches the First Call for Applications. A closing key note speech reflects on the “Cool North”. 

17:00 End of day 1, followed by dinner and a ceilidh (traditional Scottish dance and music)

Wednesday 1st October – How to Apply seminar

09:00 Welcome 

This seminar starts with an explanation of the programme expectations for project outputs and results. It continues with technical sessions on the application form, budget and partnership. 

12:30 End of day 2, followed by lunch

In parallel with the How to Apply seminar, study visits will be organised for interested participants to project related sites in the Inverness area, e.g. the Scots Pine bird hide and the award-winning Sustainable Energy and Micro-renewables training centre supported by the SMALLEST project. 

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