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NPP launches web platform for project outcomes
28th December 2011


The NPP has developed a special web platform to promote project outcomes. On the platform, you will be able to find product and service fact sheets as well as project stories, based on the final report submitted by NPP projects. On the homepage you will be able to select outcomes by type, category and by location.

The platform aims to be a useful tool for demonstrating and visualising the tangible results achieved by the programme and its projects, which is a specific feature of the NPP 2007-2013. 

The project Developing the Scots Pine Resource is the first NPP 2007-2013 project to have its final report processed by the programme. The project has developed 5 products, surpassing the target of 4 outlined in their application. You can find fact sheets on all 5 products as well as a story on the project on the platform. As more final reports are approved, this "catalogue" of project outcomes will grow and the platform will be further developed.

To have a look at the NPP Outcomes web platform, please use the link below. You can also reach the platform on the NPP website by clicking on the menu item "Results".

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