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Strategic Project Ideas under Development - Update
6th February 2012


As part of the activities for the current Strategic Project Call, the Programme Secretariat published 3 strategic project ideas under development in the autumn of 2011 to ensure strong transparency and openness and to facilitate a wide participation in the potential projects. Please find a short status update on each of these project ideas below, including links to the updated templates.

Dissemination of the project ideas is part of NPP's proactive approach to project development support and the development of themes that have a strategic importance to the programme area. 

 Theme: “Renewable energy solutions adapted for remote areas and to the scale of sparsely populated areas”

  • Energy Sustainable Communities (ESC) - Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland - Link

    For sparse and remote communities secure flow of energy can be a matter of life or death. In such communities like those on islands or far from major cities the extreme weather conditions can trigger blackouts and damage the energy production units. The Energy Sustainable Communities -project will find out a solution for rural communities to survive over the blackouts.

    Update: The project idea has not changed substantially, but the idea holder has elaborated on the expected project outcomes. In addition, more details about the current partnership have been provided.
  • Renewable Energy for Remote Dwellings, Community Buildings and Holiday Cottages (REMOTE) - Finnish Forest Research Institute, METLA, Finland - Link

    The project aims to promote renewable energy solutions for remote dwellings, community buildings and holiday cottages across the NPP area by providing a decision support tool, expert consultancy service for state of the art and unique success factors of renewable energy applications. Furthermore, policy recommendations for a successful implementation of these small scale renewable energy systems will be worked out in each participating country.

    Update: The project idea has not changed substantially. A new contact person has been assigned.

Theme: “Responding to Climatic Change in the Northern Periphery”

  • Designing a resilient North - Council of the Baltic Sea States, CBBS Baltic 21, Sweden - Link

    Spatial planners, architects and green technology companies creating high-end solutions to make the cities, towns and muncipalities in the Northern Periphery more resilient and energy efficient.

    Update: The project idea has not changed. However, the project idea holder has indicated that they will not further develop the project idea. Please note that the project idea is still valid and relevant for the Northern Periphery Programme and ready for anyone to develop further. The project idea holder can be contacted for further information about the idea, how to further develop it and contact details to interested parties.

Before publication, the Programme Secretariat has checked project ideas on the following points:

  • Whether the project idea fits with the Terms of Reference of the selected theme; 
  • Whether the current partnership constellation is appropriate to carry out the described project activities; 
  • Whether products and/or services are outlined. 

Please note that at this stage, the Programme Secretariat has not assessed the quality of the products/services described in terms of transnationality and innovativeness or whether they meet the high quality standards for strategic projects outlined in the Strategic Project Call announcement.

No project ideas are rejected at this stage based on the quality of their products and services. Instead, the Programme Secretariat expects product and service development as well as the project partnership to be the main focus of strategic project applicants until the call deadline of 2nd May 2012.  

Strategic project applicants as well main project applicants will be able to request a meeting with the Programme Secretariat on 28th February 2012. Applicants should be aware that the main focus of this meeting will be products/services and the development of the project partnership constellation. More information about the clinics.

Organisations that have an interest in a specific theme are encouraged to contact project idea holders to explore possibilities for future cooperation.

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