Warning of Algal Toxin Events to support aquaculture in the NPP coastal zone Region 3.7
The pristine waters of the Northern Periphery (NP) coastal zone provide an ideal environment for shellfish aquaculture, a low environmental impact industry which has expanded across Europe considerably over the past years, providing employment in remote coastal regions. Its development has however been hampered by episodic contamination of product ... More...
Aim & Objectives:
a) Provide the aquaculture industry with rapid, safe techniques for the analysis of shellfish for algal toxins. b) Demonstrate how simple models describing the onset of harmful phytoplankton events can be applied through the NP region. c) Provide easier and more effective monitoring of aquaculture waters for the presence of toxic algae in the wat... More...
Expected Outcomes:
i) Training courses, targeted to industry, institutions and SMEs, on the use of modern, rapid, analysis kits for the detection of toxins in shellfish ii) Establishment of sustainable procedures for the local analysis of biotoxins in shellfish iii) Field studies identifying and showing how the environmental drivers responsible for harmful phytopla... More...
Reported Outcomes:
During 2009, training courses have been held in Torshavn (Faroe), Floedevigen (Norway), Scalloway (Shetland) and Galway (2009). Joint field studies to assist in the prediction of harmful algal blooms took place in Shetland Islands coastal waters in August 2009. All activities have been reported on the project website at More...
Priority: 2. Sustainable development of natural and community resources
Objective: i. Environment as an asset in the periphery
Theme: Aquaculture

Total Budget: € 1 609 695
Total Funding Request: € 870 554

Start Date: 01/01/2009
End Date: 31/12/2011

Desk Officer Rachel Burn

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