ROADEX Network Implementing Accessibility 4.1

The ROADEX mission:

”To encourage the everyday use of ROADEX techniques and innovations on Northern Periphery low volume public roads, forest roads and private roads within the framework of climate change and increasing environmental awareness”


The project aims to bring about real operational change in the construction and maintenance of rural roads across the Northern Periphery through a combination of consultancy services, demonstration projects and education. ROADEX developed services (strategies) and products (technologies) will be used on local roads by local Partners supported by a ROADEX consultancy service and knowledge centre”. Joint research and development will also continue into the effects of climate change, road widening and health issues arising from poorly constructed roads.

Aim & Objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to effect a change, a ‘tipping point’, in the culture of road construction and maintenance in the Northern periphery by physically implementing the ROADEX technical reports on the road networks of the Partner areas.

The ROADEX project has been acknowledged to be the leading innovator of low volume road management technologies in the Northern Periphery.The ground breaking technologies developed by the Project have been shown to be cost effective and money-saving where they have been used. This will be a major exercise, using live road schemes across the Partner districts, and will be tackled through 4 interlinked strands:

  1. the establishment of a ROADEX consultancy service and knowledge centre;
  2. the execution of local demonstration projects;
  3. education of workforces through e-learning package
  4. continuing research into areas of common concern.

The new “ROADEX consultancy service” will be central to this effort and to the success of the enterprise. The Consultancy, aided by the local ROADEX Partners, will guide, empower and support the local district offices to enable them to take up the challenges in adopting the new technologies and give them the confidence to use them on their local roads networks. This will involve teaching, promoting, understanding, sharing, and implementing the new technologies. Consultancy services will include guidance on initial surveys and interpretation, assistance with design, new technology applications, case studies, monitoring systems, reporting, and sharing the feedback with others. Training and support will additionally be given through a new Knowledge Centre, an extended e-learning system and continuing joint research. The Knowledge Centre will also be open for use as a knowledge bank for related existing knowledge within organisations that can be shared with others.

Expected Outcomes:
  • Everyday use of the developed ROADEX knowledge and innovation across the ROADEX partner areas;
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of ROADEX in the NPP area and the EU generally;
  • Policy change in the construction and maintenance of rural roads across the Northern Periphery;
  • A new pan-regional consultancy service of ROADEX experts to give advice on suitable ROADEX management strategies and methods of construction to local design teams, consultants and contractors. This service will directly empower local engineers and technicians to apply ROADEX experiences locally and give them the necessary connections to the ROADEX experts.
  • A new ROADEX “knowledge centre” of technical reports, case studies, research papers, contact details for Partner experts, together with feedback from the ROADEX demonstration projects.This knowledge base will be a web-based service available to all Partners and target groups in the engineering industry - consultancies and contractors and academic institutions - with advice on all matters connected to ROADEX.
  • An extended e-learning system of ROADEX reports and outputs, most notably the new drainage guidelines, the construction and maintenance of roads over peat, and the environmental considerations of road works. This product will be used by the partners and the target groups.
  • New knowledge on climate change adaptation, road widening and the health issues that can arise from poorly constructed roads.
Reported Outcomes:

Appointment of Consultant

  • Issue of Tender Documents,  10 July 2009
  • Interviews, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, 28 August, 2009
  • Award to Roadscanners Oy, 14 September, 2009 

Steering Committee meeting

  • SC meeting, Luleå, 5-6 November 2009
  • 2nd SC meeting, Westport, 6-7 May 2010.  Cancelled due to ash cloud
  • Alternative “Business meeting”, Copenhagen, 16-17 June 2010
  • 3rd SC meeting, Westport, 1-2 November 2010
  • 4th Steering Committee meeting held in Reykjavik, Iceland, 12-13 May 2011
  • 5th Steering Committee meeting held in Bodö, Norway, 13-14 Oct 2011


  • 17-Oct-09 ESME Conference, Athens
  • 10-Nov-09 LAVA09, Reykjavik
  • 10-Nov-09 CPDC, Inverness
  • 02-Dec-09 Norwegian Partner, Bodø
  • 10-Jan-10 89th TRB, Washington
  • 13-Jan-10 Transportforum, Linköping
  • 18-Jan-10 ICERA, Reykjavik
  • 08-Feb-10 PIARC Conference, Quebec
  • 11-Feb-10 Asset Management, Regina,
  • 11-Mar-10 Timber Transport Forum, Perth
  • 14-Mar-10 HVTT11 symposium, Melbourne
  • 15-Apr-10  Skogforsk, Mosstodloch
  • 07-Jun-10  TRA, Brussels
  • 23-Jun-10  ROADEX TPCS, Perth
  • 24-Jun-10  ROADEX TPCS for FCE, Perth
  • 28-Jun-10  ROADEX TPCS, Tampere
  • 01-July-10  ROADEX TPCS, Luleå
  • 08-Sep-10  Neighbouring Area, Murmansk
  • 19-Oct-10 CC workshop, Inverness
  • 17-Nov-10 Dortmund, Germany
  • 19-Nov-10 Budapest, Hungary
  • 10-Jan-11 Pardubice, Czech
  • 13-Jan-11 Forest Road Seminar, Luleå
  • 23-Jan-11 World Bank, Washington DC
  • 01-Feb-11 Metsähallitus seminar, Oulu
  • 07-Feb-11 Interreg Forum III, Stockholm
  • 09-Feb-11 Nordic Seminar, Nuuk.
  • 24-Feb-11 Miniseminar, Luleå
  • 18-Mar-11 Local radio Norrbotten, Sweden
  • 12-Apr-11 NPP seminar, Sundsvall
  • 06-May-11 Barents meeting, Rovaniemi
  • 19-May-11 Finnish roads managers, Turku.
  • 19-May-11 BRA seminar, Stockholm
  • 25-May-11Barents Council, Luleå
  • 31-Aug-11 MHF conference, Tylösand
  • 24-Sep-11 Lastbilsträffen 2011, Ramsele
  • 27-Sep-11 IATP conference, Aviemore
  • 28-Sep-11 NPP Lead Partner seminar, Alta
  • 29-Sep-11 Trafikverket seminar, Kiruna
  • 25-Apr-12 Final seminar no 1, Rovaniemi, Finland
  • 21-May-12 Final seminar no 2, Inverness, Scotland

Reports, Articles and information material

  • ROADEX reports uploaded on continously.
  • Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO) published a report on maintenance of
  • paved state roads in November 2009 that cited reports by ROADEX
  • Finnish Road Administration “Finncontact” article. “ROADEX Co-Operation Bringing New Solutions for Road Condition Management Problems in Northern Europe”, January 2010
  • ROADEX article in “Vectrum”, the Vectura in-house magazine
  • “ROADEX IV presentation NPP” – MS PowerPoint
  • Posters and leaflets for the “LAVA09” conference
  • ROADEX Wikipedia page launched, 29 June 2010
  • ROADEX leaflets for the Final seminars, april 2012
  • New roll-ups to be used at the final seminars

Work Programming

The ROADEX Implementation project continues to make good progress against its project plan. All planned tasks are underway across the Partner areas and beginning to produce tangible results.  The Project is on target to deliver 30 demostartion tasks. More than the planned 23 demonstration tasks, 3 research tasks and e-learning lessons. The project is keeping the scedule.

The Demonstration Projects:

D1 “Drainage Maintenance Guidelines”. 

  • Timo Saarenketo of Roadscanners Oy appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices in Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden;
  • Road surveys carried out in Ireland, Highland, Western Isles, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Greenland;
  • Surveys using method descriptions made in winter 2009/10 and transferring the skills on to local engineers/technicians.
  • Introducing new survey techniques of thermal imaging camera and laser scanning;
  • New method of recording outlet ditch condition by cameras mounted at right angles to survey vehicle;
  • Interpretation of survey data, identification of specials areas, and work scheduling underway;

D2 “Road friendly vehicles and TPC”.

  • Professor Pauli Kolisoja of the Technical University of Tampere appointed as lead researcher for the Task:
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices in Finland and Scotland.
  • Local working groups set up;
  • Private sector haulage companies approached to assist in demonstrations of the new technology;
  • Surveys for reduced tyre pressure demonstrations in Scotland and Finland completed;
  • Full range of single tyres, twin single, super single, and maxi-tyres included;
  • Interpretation of survey data underway;

D3 “Forest Road policies”. 

  • Svante Johansson of Roadscanners AB appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices in Sweden and Scotland.
  • Meeting with Partners in Luleå to agree strategies for works on forest roads;
  • Integrated surveys carried out in Scotland and Sweden;
  • ROADEX method recognised as most effective rehabilitation method, and at cheapest cost due to less material being used;
  • Reports being produced on Gleann Mor road and Glenfiddich road, Scotland
  • Still to estimate road life lengths and costs.
  • ROADEX Seminar held Luleå in January 2011.  ROADEX method found to be the most cost-effective solution presented;
  • Timmerleden road rehabilitation carried out in August 2011 using ROADEX design;Timmerleden report published

D4 “Rutting, from theory to practice”. 

  • Professor Pauli Kolisoja of the Technical University of Tampere appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices in Finland and Scotland.
  • Triaxial testing programme underway;
  • Monitoring demonstration sites in Finland and Sweden;
  • Design theory being updated with new data from triaxial testing and demonstration sites;
  • Report on schedule to be published June 2012

D5 “Roads on Peat”. 

  • Ron Munro of Munroconsult Ltd appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices in Ireland.
  • Meetings held to identify demonstration road sections
  • Agreement to carry out integrated road surveys on identified 2011 maintenance roadwork sections in January/February 2011;
  • GPR & FWD road surveys carried out on identified sections of the N56 and N59 public roads;
  • Interpretation of survey data underway;
  • Workshop to be held in Carrick-on-Shannon, 27 October 2011;
  • Report on ROADEX in Ireland being prepared.

D6 “Health and Vibration”. 

  • Johan Granlund of Vectura Consulting AB appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices in Finland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden;
  • Demonstration routes identified:


  1. Sweden -  Beaver Road
  2. Finland – Road 21 Pello to Kilpisjarvi
  3. Scotland – Corpach Sawmill to Loch Arkaig
  4. Scotland – A82 Fort William to Inverness
  5. Norway – Bodø to Narvik
  • Haulage companies contacted to collaborate in demonstrations;
  • Planned road surveys done;
  • Interpretation of data underway.

The Research Projects:

RE1 “Climate change and its consequences on the maintenance of low volume roads”.

  • Ron Munro of Munroconsult Ltd appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Working group identified;
  • Initial climate change research reported;
  • Questionnaire issued to Partners and analysed for their concerns & practices;
  • Climate Change workshop held in Inverness on 19 October 2011
  • Report ready and published on website

RE2 “Widening of roads”.  

  • Timo Saarenketo of Roadscanners Oy appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices in Finland, Ireland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden;
  • “State of the art survey” complete
  • Questionnaire and report has been published;
  • Field surveys carried out at selected sites in Lapland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland (peat) and Highland;
  • Data collected has been analysed;
  • Plan to publish a final report and pocket book on best practice.

RE3 “Vibration in vehicles and humans due to road condition”. 

  • Johan Granlund of Vectura Consulting AB appointed as lead researcher for the Task;
  • Contacts established with lead individuals in Partner offices;
  • Agreed that Task will identify standards of road maintenance & operations in winter that give acceptable effects on health.
  • First survey in winter conditions carried out in March 2011.  Summer surveys complete;
  • Task will evaluate the benefits of TPCS on vibration transfer to the driver seat.

ROADEX E-learning – Four ROADEX elearning lessons are being written:

  • Stakeholders in the road districts and academic institutions consulted;
  • E-learning “lessons” identified as below;
  • Lead managers and package working groups identified;
  • Aims and priorities for lessons agreed;
  • Reporting periods agreed;
  • Budgets agreed & accounting commenced
  • Translators identified;
  • Translation budgets agreed;
  • Project publicity media confirmed;
  • Internal and external communication commenced;
  • E-Learning suite to comprise four eLearning lessons :
  1. “Permanent Deformation”
  2. “Road construction over peat”
  3. “Drainage of roads”
  4. “Environmental considerations of low volume roads”
  • Lesson A complete and on website;
  • Lesson B on website and being reviewed;
  • Lesson C draft out for consultation;
  • Lesson D being prepared;
  • Translators appointed;
  • Translations into Finnish, Icelandic, Greenlandic, Norwegian, Swedish commenced.

The ROADEX Website – the website was launched on 15 June 2010 and has been populated will all ROADEX materials to date.  This website aims to be the “one stop shop” for all matters pertaining to the management of rural low volume roads in cold climates. The hits on the website is around 2 500 hits per month. See

The ROADEX Consultancy – the Consultancy has been established and is giving advice to the Partner organisations on a range of issues from road survey and interpretation, through to training.

The future

The ROADEX IV project ends 2012-06-30. This was the fourth ROADEX project since 1998. As a result of the termination of ROADEX IV, no more funding will be available from the Northern Periphery Programme. The cooperation will continue under a new name, ROADEX NETWORK. The future cooperation is needed in order to take care of the ROADEX legacy in form of the knowledge centre, including the website, e-learning system, results, reports etc. The network will continue to share best practice, research and develop new knowledge, implement and test new solutions and follow up on the use of ROADEX knowledge etc.

The partnership has agreed to continue the cooperation and form a secretariat. This will be financed by an annual member fee. A partner agreement and secretariat will be in place in ther second half of 2012.

Priority: 1. Promoting innovation and competitiveness in remote and peripheral areas
Objective: ii. Accessibility
Theme: Transport, logistics, infrastructure

Total Budget: € 2 163 473.36
Total Funding Request: € 1 194 205.20

Start Date: 01/07/2009
End Date: 30/06/2012

Desk Officer Michela Gaifami