North Folk Database
North Folk Database 46
What the NFD project aims to achieve is to make accessible to locals and to the world the wealth that resides in traditional music and dance of the North-Atlantic nations. Furthermore, preservation by means of recording and educating is a core element of the project, to strengthen important features of peoples’ culture. By establishing cooper... More...
Aim & Objectives:
This project will develop a unique database of folk music and folk dances from the NPP area. The aim is to collect into one database as much information and recordings of folk music and dances from countries and regions in the NPP area as possible. The purpose of doing this is to strengthen the cultural heritage and the identity of small nations an... More...
Expected Outcomes:
The NFD project aims to create four viable products: One Common Database with video recordings and research of traditional music and dance, of all the nations of the North-Atlantic, which presents the cultural heritage of the nations with one multi-coloured voice. Folk Music Centre in all participating countries where the nations’ common... More...
Priority: 2. Sustainable development of natural and community resources
Objective: ii. Urban-rural development and promotion of heritage
Theme: Tourism, recreation, cultural heritage, languages

Total Budget: € 35 000
Total Funding Request: € 21 000

Start Date: 01/06/2009
End Date: 01/03/2010

Desk Officer Niclas Forsling

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